Beef Cattle Decision Aids – Cow Calf

  1. Cow-Calf
    1. Cow-Calf Bid Price and Budgets to Calculate Return on Assets (ROA)
      1. Cow Bid Price [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      2. Cow-Calf Costs and Necessary Calf Price for Target ROA [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
    2. Cow-Calf Budgeting and Bull Investment
      1. Cow-Calf Budget [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      2. Bull Investment and Cost Analysis [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      3. Breeding Service Exam (BSE) [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      4. Bull Ownership or Lease Bull Cost [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      5. Cattle and Horse Beginning and Ending Fiscal Year Inventory by Category [User Manual] [Excel Spreadsheet]
    3. Cow-Calf Health Economics
      1. Cow-Calf Health Economics and Planning [User Manual]
        1. Cow-Calf Health Economics [Spreadsheet]
        2. Example Cow-Calf Health Plan [Spreadsheet]
        3. Blank Cow-Calf Health Plan [Spreadsheet]
        4. Cattle Health & Treatment Record [Spreadsheet]
        5. Delayed Pregnancy Impact on Calf Revenue [Spreadsheet]
    4. Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA) Reproduction, Production, Grazing Calculations
      1. SPA Reproduction Critical Dates, Data and Calculations [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      2. SPA Reproduction, Grazing, Feed Use and SPA Calculations [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      3. Reproduction & Calving Distribution Calculator [Example Spreadsheet] [Blank Spreadsheet]
    5. Herd Bull Replacement – Economics of Alternatives
      1. Herd Bull Replacement Cost [User Manual]
        1. Sexed Semen Bull Cost [Spreadsheet]
        2. Conventional AI Bull Cost [Spreadsheet]
        3. Sexed Embryo Transfer Bull Cost [Spreadsheet]
        4. Non-Sexed Embryo Transfer Bull Cost [Spreadsheet]
        5. Purchased or Raised Bull Investment Cost and Planning [Spreadsheet]
      2. Replacement Heifer Cleanup Bull Economics [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      3. Bull Purchase, Sales & Death Record [User Manual] [Example Spreadsheet] [Blank Spreadsheet]
    6. Beef Sexed Semen Based Breeding Systems – Economics of Alternatives [Guide]
      1. Sexed Semen AI Advantage Steers Vs. Heifers [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      2. Replacement Heifers Sexed AI Vs. Natural Service [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      3. Replacement Heifer Sexed Semen Vs. Conventional AI [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      4. Seedstock Sexed Vs. Conventional AI Bulls Vs. Heifers AI [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      5. Sexed Semen AI Heifer Budget [User Manual] [Spreadsheet].
      6. Replacement Heifer Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA) [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
    7. Measuring Cow-Calf Ranch Costs, Profits and Sustainability
      1. Hay Produce or Purchase and Hay Loss Calculator [Spreadsheet]
      2. Grazing and Hay Budget [Spreadsheet]
      3. Fencing Cost Estimator [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      4. Hay Harvest Custom Hire Versus Ownership Cost Evaluator [User Manual] [Example Spreadsheet] [Blank Spreadsheet]

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