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Managing Risk:  Grain Marketing Report #01-13

The Master Marketer program is a 64-hour intensive marketing education course during which agricultural producers, ag lenders, and others are trained in marketing techniques, marketing plans, technical analysis, futures and options, and many other marketing related skills. This set of skills becomes their marketing “toolkit” which equips them to apply the skills to many situations that might arise when conducting agricultural business.

The flagship program, Master Marketer, has graduated 1662 producers and agribusinessmen from thirty-three trainings held across the state. In a 2½ year post graduation survey, graduates of the first thirty trainings indicated that, on average, they have increased their returns by $35,000 annually1.

Following graduation, the participants extend their knowledge to other producers by providing leadership for marketing clubs. While not mandatory, marketing clubs are a great way to communicate marketing ideas and skills with other producers, practice newly learned marketing skills, and work with county agents and district economists to better understand marketing and the opportunities it provides.

Graduates of the Master Marketer programs receive much more from their education than just financial benefit. Since the inception of the program in 1996, producers report a 141% increase in the adoption of a marketing plan, and a 580% increase in the adoption of a written plan by those who answered “yes” to having a marketing plan.

There is also a tremendous increase in the improvement in confidence of Master Marketer graduates in using marketing tools. Producers rated their “before” and “after” confidence level on a scale of 1-7, and reported an increase from 3.23 to 5.66, an average of 75% improvement in their confidence and willingness to use marketing tools.


“Congratulations to the 2022 Amarillo Master Marketer Class”

Master Marketer brochures:

1see “Impacts-Producer Returns” in menu column for more economic impact information.

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