Podcasts & Videos

Ag Law in the Field Podcast by Tiffany Lashmet

Key Features of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 for Agriculture by Dr. Joe Outlaw

FSA and USDA Hurricane Harvey Relief Program Video Series:


Update on marketing year prices by Dr. Joe Outlaw
Explanation of the current Marketing Year Average Prices Estimator excel sheet at www.afpc.tamu.edu


Looking Forward to USDA’s Cattle Inventory Report: More Beef Cows by Dr. David Anderson


Beef From Brazil? What?!: What to expect from USDA’s announcement on beef from Brazil by Dr. David Anderson

New Program Provides Financial Assistance To Cotton Producers:
Dr. Joe Outlaw and Ms. Judy Canales discuss specifics regarding the new Cotton Ginning Cost Share Program available to producers who planted upland cotton in 2015.

Higher Feed Costs Means Lower Calf Prices by Dr. David Anderson
Rising feed costs and weather concerns force calf prices even lower.

Update On 2015 Marketing Year Prices by Dr. Joe Outlaw
This podcast provides an update on prices used by USDA to determine commodity program payments.

Record High Premium For Choice Beef by Dr. David Anderson
Choice beef brings record high premium for quality

Beef Trade Improves, Others Not So Much  by Dr. David Anderson
U.S. beef trade picture improves – 2016’s first quarter of the year

Cattle Prices Fall Due To Large Beef Production by Dr. David Anderson
Cattle prices over the last few weeks have been under pressure due to growing amounts of beef being produced.

Commodity Loan Programs Available During Low Prices – Interview of Judith Canales and Darren Owens with FSA by Dr. Joe Outlaw
Texas FSA and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts discussing the commodity loan programs available to covered commodity producers. Also includes a discussion of the newly reauthorized commodity certificates as well as payment limit implications of the loan programs.

Cattle Prices Headed Higher by Dr. David Anderson
Cattle and steak prices higher as Spring begins

Dairy Cow Slaughter Starts Year Fast by Dr. David Anderson
Dairy cow culling hits near record levels in 2016.

2016 Generic Base Decision Aid by Dr. Henry Bryant
The Agricultural and Food Policy Center (AFPC) announces the availability of their 2016 generic base decision aid.

Update on 2015 Marketing Year Crop Prices by Dr. Joe Outlaw
Six months into the marketing year for most crops the average prices used to determine government payments for crop farmers are being set.  This podcast talks about where the major program crops stand relative to triggering government payments.

Capacity Utilization in Cattle Feeding by Dr. David Anderson
U.S. feedlot capacity is shrinking while utilization is headed higher

Government Payment Estimator Now Available by Dr. Henry Bryant

US Sheep and Lamb Flock Grows by Dr. David Anderson

Beef Imports Decline At Year End by Dr. David Anderson

PLC Payments for 2014 and Estimates for 2015 by Dr. Joe Outlaw

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