Water Management Resources

  • FARM Assistance is a partner with the following two water conservation projects.  Both were funded by the Water Development Board and are nearing the end of their initial contract life (spring 2014).  The Texas Tech group (TAWC) is actively seeking funding to continue the project.  The Harlingen Irrigation District seems to be moving on to other ideas, & less on-farm analysis which is what we have been doing for them.

Resources not available online:

Extension Ag Economics Applied Water Research Publications and Presentations in Collaboration with TWRI (TWRI website)

Enrique Perez, John R. C. Robinson, and M. Gabriel Ortega.  2004.  “Economic Comparison of Drip and Furrow Irrigation Systems for Application of Water and Fertilizer.”  Rio Grande Basin Initiative Annual Conference, Weslaco, TX, May 28, 2003.

Bise, Hart and John R. C. Robinson. 2007.  “Mitigating Revenue Risk Through Insurance, Irrigation, and/or Hedging.  2007 Beltwide Cotton Conferences, New Orleans, LA, January 10-12, 2007.

Robinson, John R. C.  2002.  “Justification for Distribution by Irrigation Allocation Rights.”  White paper written for Texas Department of Agriculture staff to guide the design of a program to allocate the $10 million in federal disaster aid provided by Section 103 of P.L. 107-206.

Robinson, John R. C. and D. Hardin.  2000. “Value of Applied Irrigation Water and the Impact of Shortages on Rio Grande Valley Agriculture”  White paper written at the request of the Region M Water Planning Group and the Texas Vegetable Association.  Distributed periodically to International Boundary & Water Commission, Region M Water Planning Group, various commodity organizations, the Rio Grande Watermaster’s office, and U.S. congressional representatives during 2000 and 2001.

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