Vision, Mission, and Core Values for the Extension Economics Unit

As a component of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the Department of Agricultural Economics, the vision, mission, and core values for the Extension Economics Unit should relate directly to and support the missions of its parent organizations.

  • The mission of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is Improving the lives of people, businesses, and communities across Texas and beyond through high-quality, relevant education
  • The mission of the Department of Agricultural Economics is “to engage people in the use of economics analysis for making decisions involving agribusinesses, natural resources, and communities through the pursuit of learning, leadership, diversity, professional development, and excellence.”


Given our resource endowment, the Extension Economics Program Unit strives to lead – both nationally and regionally – in the development and delivery of innovative educational and  applied research programs that meet the decision support needs of targeted audiences and stakeholders.  This results in more informed economics and policy choices by our customers.  The creation of, training in, and ultimate use of these varied decision support tools lead to several important statewide objectives such as maintaining or regaining competitiveness, ensuring economic sustainability, and supporting vibrant, rural communities.  A primary focus of the Extension Economics Program in Texas is to maintain a high degree of relevancy to the issues and concerns of commercial agriculture as well as the resource owners, businesses, and related communities which are mutually interdependent with commercial agriculture.


The mission of the Extension Economics Program Unit is “to provide effective leadership and education towards changing positively the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of constituent groups which can lead them to more informed economic choices across commodity, community, and resources areas.”

Core Values

  • We recognize the dignity and worth of our unit members and the citizens of Texas.  The best strategy to achieve excellence in extension education is to employ competent and dedicated professionals who have a passion to help others achieve their goals.
  • The real value of what we do as a unit depends upon the long-term, positive impact the unit can make on the economic vitality of people, organizations, and communities.
  • In everything we do, it is paramount that we maintain an objective, unbiased approach to problem-solving and applied research.  Reported results are expected to accurately assess the situation regardless of whether constituent groups desire or hold to an alternative opinion.  Within most issues, there are winners and losers, and we must be true to both.
  • Although unit educational thrusts or banner programs may be designed for target audiences to enhance effectiveness, as state employees and stewards of the public trust, all requests for assistance, regardless of the source, will be addressed and good faith efforts made to provide the information requested within resources available.
  • Economic activity from all components of agriculture and natural resources in Texas will continue to be a significant contributor to the State’s economy and deserves our best effort to enhance economic sustainability and ensure competitiveness.
  • Cooperation and collaboration with internal and external groups are necessary to increase the effectiveness of educational program development and delivery efforts.

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