Marketing Club Cookbook

A Cookbook for Organizing a Marketing Club

The purpose of this list is to facilitate the process of organizing and maintaining a county level marketing club. It is to be used by Texas AgriLife Extension Service faculty, Master Marketer graduates, and others interested in organizing a marketing club.

Each marketing club is different and will determine it’s own objectives and direction. Items and comments are provided only as suggestions.  What follows is a description of each component within this packet.

1) Mission Statement and Objectives:  A simple reference to the intentions of the marketing club concept.

2) Organizing a Marketing Club (RM2 – 34.0): This publication is a brief outline of what is required to organize and maintain a marketing club over a period of time. It describes the critical details associated with a successful marketing club.

3) Example News Release (MCC – 2): The example news release should be used to advertise the organizational meeting of the marketing club. The release is a fill-in-the-blank format. It can be sent to area media sources with a minimal amount of work.

4) Marketing Club Information Survey (MCC – 3): The marketing club information survey should be used at the organizational meeting to determine whether or not there is interest among producers. It can be used to create a mailing list of possible participants. In addition, the survey asks when is the best time to meet, what commodities should be focused on, and which topics participants are already familiar with.

5) 1 Year Plan of Operation (MCC – 4):  The 1 year plan of operation should be completed by the marketing club leader, the facilitator, and the statewide marketing club coordinator.  The plan should be completed after the organizational meeting an interested persons have completed the information survey (MCC – 3).  The plan should detail the dates, times, and locations of meetings and the topics that will be covered at each meeting.  Although the plan should be flexible, the purpose it so give direction and guidance to the club.  Once completed, please fax or mail the plan to the statewide marketing club coordinator.

6) Marketing Club Bylaws (MCC – 5): While not every marketing club will determine rules to follow, a set of marketing club bylaws can be a useful tool. The suggested set of bylaws can be used to set those rules. These rules should be reviewed at the first marketing club meeting (following the organizational meeting). Bylaws are needed if the marketing club decides to trade in the market as a group.

7) Marketing Club Pretest (MCC – 6): Given the need to identify a level at which the group needs to start and the increased emphasis on measuring change from our programs, a marketing club pretest is needed. The pretest presents multiple choice questions that participants can answer quickly. This pretest should be given during the first marketing club meeting.

8) Suggested Marketing Club Lessons (MCC – 7): This schedule of lesson plans suggests an order for beginning and advanced lessons that a marketing club can use. Because each marketing club is different with varying levels of participant skills, this is only a suggested list.

9) Suggested Trading Rules and Registering a Marketing Club (MCC – 8): This article outlines the necessary steps to registering a marketing club once they have made the decision to trade a commodity contract. This publication should tie closely with the marketing club bylaws. It also specifies the provisions set forth by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for trading as a marketing club.

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