Impacts-Producer Returns

Evaluating the Master Marketer Educational System: The Master Marketer Educational System team has made a significant effort to continuously and consistently evaluate its marketing courses.  The courses are evaluated in terms of participant satisfaction, educational effectiveness, and long-term economic impact.  These evaluative efforts, while extensive, have enhanced the effectiveness of future programming by providing producer feedback and highlighting areas in need of improvement.  They have also provided economic evidence of the success of the program in the economic returns realized by its participants.   Because the different branches of the MMES are structured differently, the evaluative process differs from program to program.

The Master Marketer program is evaluated by the producers after the second and fourth sessions of the course in order to gain feedback on the speakers and materials in order to continually improve the current and future programs.  After 2 ½ years have passed since their class, Master Marketer participants are sent a comprehensive survey that covers their marketing behaviors before and after the program, their usage of marketing tools, their confidence in using such tools, and their economic changes (positive or negative) as a result of the marketing behavior.  This survey provides invaluable information as to the impacts Master Marketer has had on the total mindset of the modern agricultural producer.

Master Marketer 2 1/2-Year Post Survey Economic Impacts, Knowledge/Skill Adoption, and Demographic Information

Master Marketer Results in Survey Form

Marketing clubs were evaluated slightly differently than Master Marketer.  Because every club has a different lifespan and meeting schedule, the same survey was sent out at one time to every current and former marketing club member that could be identified by County Extension Agents, District Economists, and other marketing club leaders across the state, regardless of whether the members were Master Marketer graduates and the clubs were still active.  The survey was designed to collect similar information as the Master Marketer survey, including respondents’ rate of adoption of marketing practices, comfort using marketing tools, and economic impact as a result of marketing education.

Marketing Club Survey Economic Impacts, Knowledge/Skill Adoption, and Demographic Information

Marketing Club Survey Results in Survey Form

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