Impacts-Producer Returns: Master Marketer Program

We are proud of the willingness of our graduates to provide us feedback about our program. The above-average survey return rates for the 2 1/2-year post surveys are below:


Cumulative Impacts
To date, Texas Master Marketer graduates have collectively received cumulative impacts exceeding 100 million dollars since the project began in 1996.   Conservatively assuming a 10-year useful life of the marketing information conveyed in the program, and assuming 75% of producers remain in business over this ten-year period, the projected economic impact of Master Marketer training exceeds $190 million in impacts, below, for graduates for the project time frame of 1996-2020.  This is an average increase over all participants whether they did or did not implement what they were taught.  The following table contains the economic impact, by class, of Master Marketer graduates who have responded to our surveys.


The following table contains a summary of survey respondents who answered questions about changes in their marketing practices as a result of Master Marketer participation.

*impacts last updated February 2022 with the addition of data from the Weslaco (Online) Class of 2019.

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