Special In-Depth Educational Programs to Consider

There are several other types of programs in addition to a futures and options workshop that marketing clubs could consider that would take more time than the regular meeting. Examples of useful 2-4 hour workshops that could be scheduled through the county agent or the extension economist would be Texas RAMM and the Packer/Feeder simulation game. These are educational programs that would fit well with the objectives of most marketing clubs. The Texas RAMM workshop involves the participants in a simulated game in which all types of crop production and price risk decisions are to be made. It provides a fun, innovative hands-on way to learn about a wide range of risk management tools in crop production. The Packer/Feeder simulation game is another innovative exercise that will help participants gain an understanding of how production costs, supply, demand and buyer/seller interaction affects the packer feeder market. Contact your county agent and he can arrange any of these workshops through an extension economist.

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