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Top 10 reasons to “Like” Master Marketer on Facebook

1.  Get daily updates on weather and crop conditions
2.  Converse with area farmers
3.  Everyone else is doing it – All your friends are on Facebook
4.  Obtain localized data
5.  Get feedback and views from the field
6.  You now have a “work” excuse to be on Facebook
7.  Receive daily market updates as they happen
8.  Be a part of an “online” marketing club
9.  You asked for it!
10.  It’s FREE!

In response from several Master Marketer graduates, the Master Marketer program now has a Facebook account.  Along with your remarks, Dr. John Robinson and Dr. Mark Welch are making timely informative posts on a “more than regular” basis.  We encourage pictures and comments from your view and operations along with other web resources and social media sites that are a favorite to use.

To get started with Facebook, visit and enter your information with the associated spaces in the Sign Up Area (ex: first and last name, email,etc.).  Click on the green “Sign Up” box below your entered information.  Wait for a confirmation email from Facebook and click on the requested link within the email… alas you have your very own Facebook account.

To find us on Facebook, visit  and enter your email and password in the top blue bar of the webpage and click on the blue “Log In” box. Once on the Master Marketer Facebook page, one will need to click the “Like” button at the top of the webpage to be able to leave comments and upload photos to the Master Marketer Facebook page.

We look forward to the interaction and hearing from you on Facebook and are working hard to keep you posted on the latest crop, market, and weather updates.  Because this is a new endeavor, please let us know what you would like to see on Facebook and share any suggestions that you have.  For any further clarification with logging into Master Marketer on Facebook, contact Emmy Kiphen at or (979) 845-8011.

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