Beef Cattle Decision Aids – Replacement Heifers

  1. Replacement Heifer Budgets
    Replacement Cost and Returns Calculation Decision Aids
    Commercial Bred Heifer Buyer’s Guide

    1. Replacement Heifer Natural Service Budget
      1. Natural Service Projection [Spreadsheet]
      2. Natural Service Closeout [Spreadsheet]
      3. Bred Replacement Heifers Natural Service and Pairs [Spreadsheet]
    2. Conventional Artificial Insemination (AI) Heifer Budget
      1. AI Heifer Projection [Spreadsheet]
      2. AI Heifer Closeout [Spreadsheet]
      3. AI Heifer Contract Breeding Services [Spreadsheet]
    3. Replacement Heifer SPA Reproduction Performance
      Replacement Heifer Critical Dates and Data

      1. Heifer Data Collection [Spreadsheet]
      2. Replacement Heifer SPA Reproduction Calculator [Spreadsheet]
      3. Example Replacement Heifer SPA Reproduction Calculator [Spreadsheet]
    4. Replacement Heifer Budgeting Support Aids
      1. Feed and Grazing Cost Calculator [Spreadsheet]
      2. Replacement Heifer Purchase and Sales Record [User Manual [Spreadsheet]
      3. Replacement Heifer Monthly Inventory – Hd. Days & AUMs [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
      4. Indirect Cost Calculator
        1. Replacement Heifer Indirect Cost Calculator [Spreadsheet]
        2. IRS Based Ranch Direct and Indirect Costs [Spreadsheet]
      5. Replacement Females Marketing Alternatives and Auction Costs [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
    5. Sexed Semen Artificial Insemination (AI) Heifer Budget [User Guide] [Spreadsheet]
    6. Replacement Heifer Purchase and Sales Record [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
    7. Cow-Calf Herd Age Distribution Calculator [Excel Spreadsheet] [Blank Spreadsheet]
    8. Beef Cow Herd Replacements Requirement Calculator [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]
    9. Replacement Heifer Cleanup Bull Economics [User Manual] [Spreadsheet]

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