U.S. Agricultural Trade and Trade Policies: Focus on Colombia

Agricultural Production Potential in Brazil – Implications for U.S. Agriculture & Trade

Ag Trade Flows Through Texas Ports

Impact of Immigrant Labor on Dairy

Protecting U.S. Agriculture

Economic Impacts of E.coli on U.S. Beef

Tracking U.S. Grains and Oilseed Shipments to Mexico

93rd Annual Transportation Research Board meeting, Washington DC (January 2014)

  • The Impacts of the Panama Canal Expansion on World Cotton Trade

Can U.S. Agriculture Survive in the World of Uncertainty?, 20th Annual Farming for…Profit? Conference, Moose Jaw, SK, Canada (June 2013)

SAEA Annual Meetings, Birmingham, Alabama (February 2012)

Structural Reform and Agricultural Export Performance (February 2012)

Exporting to Cuba, Houston, Texas (March 2011)

SAEA Annual Meetings, Corpus Christi, Texas (February 2011)

Financial Development and International Agricultural Trade (February 2011)

Economic Impacts of Relaxing Travel and Financial Restrictions on U.S.:  Exports to Cuba

Bottlenecks to Free Trade (June 2010)

Cuban Food Market & Prospects for U.S. Exports (April 2010)

SAEA Annual Meetings, Dallas, Texas (February 2008)

Selected Paper Presentation: Impacts of Biofuels on the South

Market Integration and Agribusiness in the North American Free Trade Agreement: The Case of Fruits and Vegetable

U.S. Agricultural Export Prospect for Cuba, Texas-Cuba Trade Alliance Doing Business with Cuba Workshop, Dallas, Texas (April 2007)

SAEA Annual Meetings, Mobile, Alabama (February 2007)

Selected Paper Presentation 1: Market Integration in the North American Onion Markets: An Empirical Analysis Using Panel Data

Selected Paper Presentation 2: Testing the Market Integration in Regional Cantaloupe and Melon Markets between the U.S. and Mexico: An application of Error Correction Model

Selected Paper Presentation 3: An Assessment of the Global Soybean Industry: An Application of Stochastic Equilibrium Displacement Model

AAEA Annual Meetings, Long Beach, California (July 2006)

International Trade Issues and Texas Agriculture, Texas Ag Forum, San Antonio, Texas (May 2006)

SAEA Annual Meetings, Orlando, Florida (February 2006)

International Policy Update and Producer Opportunities

Trade Negotiations and U.S. Agriculture: Prospects and Issues for the Future

Current Trends in North American Supply Chain Management: The Case of Beef and Pork

AAEA Annual Meetings, Providence, Rhode Island (July 2005)

SAEA Annual Meetings, Little Rock, Arkansas (February 2005)

  • Symposium 1: The Doha Development Agenda and Southern Agriculture (link to original page broken)
  • Symposium 2: Potential Impacts of the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement and the U.S.-Australia Free Trade Agreement on Southern Agriculture (link to original page broken)

12th Annual Farming for Profit, June 27, 2005: 2002 U.S. Farm Bill Revisited: Impacts, Implications of the WTO Ruling and the U.S. Budget

Food Chain Disruptions and Trade: The Case of North American Animal and Meat Trade – CNAS 2005-1

Valley Water Summit: Irrigation Efficiency in Chihuahua, Mexico

Texas Plant Protection Conference: Climate of Change – International Trade Relations

AAEA Annual Meetings, Denver, Colorado (August 2004)

New Trade Negotiations: What’s at Stake For Texas Agriculture? Texas Ag Forum, Waco, Texas (January 2004)

Texas Trade Issues (January 2004)

Food Irradiation and International Trade

Central America Free Trade: What’s at stake for Texas Agriculture

North American Trade in an Era of Increasing Regulation & Market Disruption

Trade and Economic Impacts of Animal Disease Outbreaks

AAEA Annual Meetings, Montreal, Canada (August 2003)

Agricultural Framework Agreement – CNAS IB 2003-02

AAEA Annual Meetings, Tampa, Florida (August 2000)

Other Presentations:

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