Economic Impacts of U.S. Agricultural Trade on the South


Flynn Adcock                                    Texas A&M University
Parr Rosson                                       Dept. of Agricultural Economics
(979) 845-8694                                 2124 TAMU
[email protected]                           College Station, TX  77843-2124

TITLE:          Economic Impacts of U.S. Agricultural Trade on the South

ABSTRACT: Southern U.S. agriculture fully participates in agricultural trade, benefiting from export opportunities while facing import competition.  Agricultural trade has tremendous impacts not only for agriculture, but throughout the economy.  This symposium will identify the impacts of agricultural trade on the South. Implications for applied research and extension will be identified.

Mickey Paggi, CSU-Fresno, 559-278-4405, [email protected].


Mickey Paggi, CSU-Fresno, Parr Rosson, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, and Flynn Adcock, Texas AgriLife Research, [email protected]
“Impacts of Agricultural Exports on the South”

Flynn Adcock and Parr Rosson
“Southern U.S. Exports to Cuba”

Lynn Kennedy, Louisiana State University, 225-573-2726, [email protected].
Import Competition Impacts on Sugar and Crawfish”

Jaime Malaga, Texas Tech University, 806-742-0261 x241, [email protected]
“Recent Trends in U.S. Cotton and Sorghum Exports and their Impacts on the South”

FORMAT/DESCTIPTION:   Paggi will introduce the topic and moderate the symposium.  Each of the four speakers were given 15 minutes present their topic.  This symposium will discuss the potential economic impacts of agricultural trade on the Southern U.S.  Paggi, Rosson and Adcock and Rosson discussed the estimated impacts of agricultural exports on the South as compared to other areas of the United States.  Adcock and Rosson presented the estimated impact of Southern agricultural exports to Cuba, including benefits from the use of ports in this process.  Kennedy focused on the cases of sugar, catfish, and crawfish, commodities which continue to experience significant import competition.  Malaga examined the impacts resulting from the changing trends in cotton and sorghum exports.  Serving as respondent, Paggi set the stage for a lively interactive discussion following the presentations.  Participation from attendees was invited, encouraged, and received.

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