2020 Master Marketer Seminar Series

Leveling Workshop (September 29) Video:
“Introduction to Futures Markets”,
“Options”, and
“Marketing Tools with Futures and Options” Presentations with Mark Welch

Session 1 (October 1) Video:
“Budgeting Decision Tools” Presentation with Samuel Zapata
“Marketing Plan” Presentation with Ed Usset

Session 2 (October 8) Video:
“Crop Insurance” Presentation with Steven Klose
“Farm Policy Update” Presentation with Bart Fisher

Session 3 (October 15) Video:
“Seasonality” Presentation with Mark Welch
“Climate”, and
“Weather Outlook for Agriculture” Presentations with Elwynn Taylor
*Additional Weather Resources

Session 4 (October 22) Video:
“Grain Market Outlook” Presentation with Mark Welch
“Cotton Fundamentals and Outlook” Presentation with John Robinson
*Cotton Market Outlook with John Robinson featured in Southwest FarmPress
“Livestock Market Fundamentals” Presentation with David Anderson

Session 5 (October 29):
“Tying It All Together” Presentation with Darrell Holaday




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