Business Planning & Resilience

2020 Small Business Pubs:

Simple Steps for Small Business Cybersecurity – EAG-060 Cybersecurity tips for small businesses

Small Business Resilience through Recession – EAG-065 Focusing on people, products, and processes to emerge stronger from economic downturns.

Building Up Your Online Presence – EAG-066 Tips on  building or enhancing your website or social media presence.

Paycheck Protection Program Slides D6 4/30/2020

Partial List of Rural Funders          Rural Funding Basics Slides

Online Business Planning Courses:

Business Planning Basics for Farm and Food Enterprises: Learn how to write a business plan for a farm or food business with real-world business plan examples included. This course will introduce you to business planning basics for farm and food enterprises in order to help you develop your business plan.

Business Planning and Analysis for Farm and Food Enterprises: Take this course and learn how to create a business vision and plan that will help you achieve your goals! The goal of this course is to help you evaluate the feasibility of your business and improve your chances of success.

Which course is right for you?

Preplanning–Start your enterprise planning using the Business or Enterprise Plan Template.

Enterprise Preplanning YouTube Video

Business Pre-Planning Brochure Template (Microsoft Word)

Business Pre-Planning Brochure Example (Microsoft Word)

Enterprise Pre-Planning Brochure (Microsoft Word)

Enterprise Pre-Plan Brochure Example (Microsoft Word)

Preplanning PowerPoint


Conducting a Market Analysis

Market Analysis Microsoft Excel Tool

Market Analysis PowerPoint

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Other AgriLife Resources:
Business Retention & Expansion  (Craig Carpenter)
Translating Data or Survey Results into SMART Goals (Carpenter and Dudensing, EAG-047)
Federal Relief: An Overview for Local Governments

Other Resources:
University of MN Tips for Small Town Stores: Curbside Pickup and Delivery Model
University of Minnesota Rural Grocery Store Emergency Kits
University of Minnesota Two Week Menu Kit (useful for customers)

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