Legal Considerations of Hemp Production

Legal Considerations of Hemp Production – Tiffany Lashmet

  1. Broad Overview of USDA Final Hemp Rule (YouTube Video)
  2. Contracting Considerations (YouTube Video)
  3. Hemp Specific Contracting Considerations (YouTube Video)
  4. Other Legal Considerations:  Nuisance Claims & Texas Right to Farm Act (YouTube Video)
  5. Other Legal Considerations: Trespassing & Hemp for Feed (YouTube Video)
  6. Broad Overview of the Texas Hemp Production Rules (YouTube Video)
  7. Texas Hemp Rules: Licensing & Permits (YouTube Video)
  8. Texas Hemp Rules: Fees (YouTube Video)
  9. Texas Hemp Rules: Seeds and Transplants (YouTube Video)
  10. Texas Hemp Rules: Production (YouTube Video)
  11. Texas Hemp Rules: Inspection, Sampling & Testing (YouTube Video)
  12. Texas Hemp Rules: Disposal of Unauthorized Plants (YouTube Video)
  13. Texas Hemp Rules: Enforcement (YouTube Video)
  14. Texas Hemp Rules: Reporting & Record Keeping (YouTube Video)
  15. Texas Hemp Rules Conclusion (YouTube Video)

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