Beef Cattle Standard Performance Analysis (SPA)

The Beef Cow-calf Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA) offers a unique opportunity for cow-calf producers of any size in the Southwest. Initiated by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (NCBA) producer-led effort, SPA is designed to help cow-calf producers reduce their cost of production and improve their production and marketing efficiency.

The SPA methodology was developed because no standardized method of performance analysis existed in the cow-calf industry. The objective of SPA is to help cow-calf producers achieve their goals by effectively analyzing their production and financial performance. Participants complete an in-depth financial and production analysis of their cow herd, with the help of Extension faculty, using the standard methodology.

Opportunities for change within the beef herd begin with learning where you are. Once these areas of opportunities, weaknesses and vulnerability are identified, then you can find ways to get where you want to be. The SPA analysis is the place to start.

Getting Started with SPA

SPA Results

SPA Results by Southwest Cow-calf Production Regions




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