Cow-Calf Economics – Decision Aids

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension provides more than 60 spreadsheet based decision support aids for cow-calf producers at this site.  These decision support aids fall into the following eight main topic areas:

  •  Cattle Records (monthly cattle and horse inventory, feed and feed fed inventories, cattle sale and transfer records, cattle depreciation calculators)
  • Financial Planning Budgets and Investment Analysis (heifer and cow replacement analysis, cow-calf budget, cow bid price analysis, herd growth and forage production)
  • Resource Descriptions (labor and management costs evaluator, management and labor inventory, land inventory, herd description, products and services description)
  • Forage, Range, Hay and Feed Economics (forage and hay cost calculators, fencing cost estimator, brush control economics)
  • Land Leasing and Investment  (maximum feasible land bid price calculator, ranchland investment projection, land lease calculations)
  • Marketing (cattle marketing plan, cattle price slide and lease calculation, feeder and fed cattle price risk calculator)
  • Retained Ownership – Sell or Keep Analysis (precondition, stocker and finishing analysis, lease grazing or buy cattle analysis, head day calculator)
  • Drought Management (These decision support aids are designed to help producers make decisions related to early sale or retained ownership of calves in a drought situation, valuing hay on a nutrient content basis and restocking decisions.)
  • Miscellaneous (family living cash flow budget, deer and quail hunting enterprise budget, pickup and trailer cost analysis, vehicle cost analysis)

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