Dr. Ashley Lovell

Dr. Ashley LovellDr. Lovell’s primary role is supporting rural entrepreneurship, community economic development and valued-added agribusiness activities. The agribusiness focus includes all forms of business organization such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and cooperatives. This involves providing support with and follow up to educational programs and other referrals. His assistance includes one-on-one assistance to facilitate feasibility analysis and business planning with individuals and firms considering the development of a new business, new product lines, expansion, etc.

His areas of interest include rural entrepreneurship, economic development, and farm/business management and areas of specialization include financial, managerial and tax accounting, and risk management. Dr. Lovell’s expertise reflects not only his teaching and research experiences, but also serving as Professor and Extension Economist in Management in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Texas Agricultural Extension Service from 1978-1993. He earned a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia and has accounting and tax experience as a CPA.

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