AGEC 291/691 Research Resources

General Writing Resources
TAMU POWER Writing Support Services
Purdue Online Writing Lab
Writing Economic Hypotheses

691 Resources
AJAE Format and AJAE Citation Format
AJAE Article Approved by the AGEC Graduate office as a thesis/dissertation style guide.
TAMU OGAPS Thesis Preparation Materials and Requirements Includes a template and checklists. Subsidiary to department style guide.
AJAE Virtual Issue: Domestic Rural Economic Development

291 Resources
Using APA Format

Previous Semesters’ Syllabi
Graduate Research Hours (AGEC 691 – Dudensing)
AGEC 691 Course Syllabus Fall 2015
AGEC 691 Course Syllabus Summer 2015

Undergraduate Research Hours (AGEC 291 – Dudensing)
AGEC 291 Course Syllabus Fall 2015
AGEC 291 Course Syllabus Summer 2015

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