Dr. John Robinson

Dr. John Robinson is a Professor and Extension Specialist – Cotton Marketing. He received a B.S. and M.S. in Entomology and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, all from Texas A&M University. His prior experience includes work within the Texas A&M University System (College Station, Thrall, Vernon, Weslaco) and at Mississippi State University. His educational programming emphasizes risk management issues related to cotton, including cash markets, hedging, contracting, insurance, and policy issues. He is a member of the American Agricultural Economics Association and the Southern Agricultural Economics Association.

Special Focus: Cotton economics, marketing, and policy

Website:  cottonmarketing.tamu.edu

Email: jrcr(at)tamu.edu

Publications include:

  • Robinson, John R. C., Jeffery E. Slosser, J. Knox Walker, and J. Price. 1986. “CDA/ULV-Oil Technology vs. Conventional Spray Technology for Ground Application of Sprays for Bollworm Control in the Texas Rolling Plains.” The Southwestern Entomologist, Suppl. No. 11, Dec. 1986, pp. 25-37.
  • Robinson, John R. C. and Jeffery E. Slosser. 1986. “Controlled Droplet Application Technology for Ultra Low Volume-Oil Spraying of Insecticides in Cotton.” The Southwestern Entomologist, Suppl. No. 11, December, 1986, pp. 9-17.
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  • Yang, C., J. H. Everitt, D. Murden, and J. R. C. Robinson. 2002. “Spatial Variability in Yields and Profits Within Ten Grain Sorghum Fields in South Texas.” Transactions of American Society of Agricultural Engineers 45(4):897-906.
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  • Hudson, Darren, C. Parr Rosson III, John Robinson, and Jaime Malaga. 2005. “The WTO Cotton Case and U.S. Domestic Policy.” Choices 20(2):143-8.
  • Proceedings papers from 1988-2007 Beltwide Cotton conferences (http://www.cotton.org/beltwide/proceedings.cfm), accessible only by previous conference registrants.




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