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Risk Management Curriculum Guide

The Risk Management Curriculum Guide is a series of fact sheets developed by extension economists from Texas A&M and Kansas State. The Guide was developed to provide agricultural producers with added knowledge about the sources of risk impacting their decisions and the tools and options they could consider in managing these risks. Also included are curriculum guides to be used by anyone teaching one of the topics covered in these fact sheets. Fact Sheets: These fact sheets can serve as the primary teaching material for a topic or… Read More →


RM 1-2 (L-5358) Niche Marketing Niche markets are small, specialized markets for goods or services. Agricultural producers have many opportunities for niche marketing, and this strategy can contribute to the profitability of a firm. Examples of niche markets are included in this publication, along with ideas for getting started. RM 1-3 (L-5246) Retained Ownership Strategies for Cattlemen Retained ownership, or market integration, involves carrying over a production activity into the next phase of preparation for the marketplace. This publication discusses the advantages associated with this production and marketing… Read More →

June 6, 2006

Click here for the Acrobat version of this publication. AG-ECO NEWS Vol. 22, Issue 18, June 6, 2006 Jose G. Peña Extension Economist-Management USDA Is Soliciting Comments For A Grass Fed Cattle Certification Program As Ranchers Attempt To Satisfy Consumer Demand USDA is again soliciting public comments to review the feasibility of establishing a grass fed certification program for ruminant livestock. The industry is trying to diversify products to satisfy consumer demand. Consumer demand for grass-fed, natural, and organic livestock products is increasing rapidly and special segments of… Read More →