Small Business Resilience

2020 Small Business Pubs:

Simple Steps for Small Business Cybersecurity – EAG-060 Cybersecurity tips for small businesses

Small Business Resilience through Recession – EAG-065 Focusing on people, products, and processes to emerge stronger from economic downturns.

Building Up Your Online Presence – EAG-066 Tips on  building or enhancing your website or social media presence.

Paycheck Protection Program Slides D6 4/30/2020

Partial List of Rural Funders          Rural Funding Basics Slides

Online Business Planning Courses

Other AgriLife Resources:
Business Retention & Expansion  (Craig Carpenter)
Translating Data or Survey Results into SMART Goals (Carpenter and Dudensing, EAG-047)
Federal Relief: An Overview for Local Governments

Other Resources:
University of MN Tips for Small Town Stores: Curbside Pickup and Delivery Model
University of Minnesota Rural Grocery Store Emergency Kits
University of Minnesota Two Week Menu Kit (useful for customers)

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